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Friday, October 28, 2016

New self

Since this is my first post in a while maybe I should catch everyone up. After moving to California in November of 2014 we had lived in an apartment in Menifee, CA. In February 2016 we closed on our house in Hemet, CA. Right after we closed on our house I had a three-level anterior cervical discectomy where they removed C4, C5 and C6 and replaced them with spacers. Here is the lovely picture of my after X-ray and me with my neck brace on..

I don't post much about my weight loss since 2008 when I was diagnosed with diabetes my weight has been up down and all over the place. I made a decision this year no more and had the Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. Since 2008 at my highest weight I was 285.. I could not get below 200 pounds and my weight was up and down due to diets and going back to bad eating habits. I needed something I could not or would not risk bad eating habits with again which is why I opted for weight loss surgery after over 6 months of appointment...s and psychological reviews. I know not all my friends agree with this but this was my health. I weighed 227.6 at my pre op appointment 6/16/16 and 223 the day of surgery 6/18/16. Today I am 180.6 pounds down 47 since my pre op appointment and 104.4 from my highest weight. I don't want congratulations or to gain likes on this post. This is just me making an announcement your words or likes are not why I did this. I did this for me and I feel accomplished today. I am off all my diabetic medications and I am almost half way to my goal weight around 130 pounds per my surgeon.

I face difficulties diabetic nerve pain as discovered by my EMG nerve conduction test. I have pain daily. This is my fault and I take responsibility for that and I am working with three doctors to bring this all together for the end result. 

I am working towards loving myself and trying to love the person in the mirror I post this for myself since.

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  1. The hardest part of any of it is learning to love the person you see in the mirror, so as long as you keep working on that you should be on the path to a happier Dawn :)