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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am blessed with good friends!

Hello everyone.. As I sit here remembering good times at Karaoke Saturday night for a friends birthday and fond memories from times spent with good friends in college 22 years ago. I realize my life may not be full of historical moments but for the most part I have enjoyed the journey.

I have terrific friends.. And thanks to facebook I have high school and college friends back in my life who I had always kept in my heart but never knew I would speak to again. I want to tell you all who have touched my life then and have returned or are now part of my life that you all make me smile and feel fulfilled. Friends are life's blessings!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad day...

Today was a bad day at my current temp to perm situation.. It was the first day I didn't like being there. And at this early in the game I should be enjoying it if it is a good fit for me..

I know I went in not feeling well so that may play a part in it. And I didn't get much sleep. But, I made a mistake I admitted it and fixed it and for some reason was so stressed over it I cried and it felt like I wasn't working out for them. The big boss advised me we all make mistakes and it isn't the end of the world. But, I was hurt, upset and unsettled over it and cried for a few minutes before I gained composure. One if the guys that made me feel uncomfortable apologized and said there is no crying at the scrap yard he said it was like baseball there is not place for it there. I know he was trying to comfort me in his own way but I almost felt like I didn't want to go back.

I am grateful to the staffing agency for placing me right away after I signed up with them. I am learning to accept things and trust in the universe so I will not make a rash decision. I hope tomorrow is a better day. I will give this a chance since it is only my third week.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Opinions everyone's is different..

I am trying real hard to see everything in my life as a gift. I want to live a happy positive life. So does that mean I never get upset or share a difference of opinion without emotion or raising my voice when I get upset? This is my issue.. At times I find it hard to be susie sunshine and just nod and accept the things around me. I get emotional and loudly voice my opinion in sometimes a not so nice tone.

Once I voice it I move on. But, then the other person has hurt feelings. How do I voice my opinion and feel it counts without hurting the people close to me? I am not perfect. I strive for balance and a positive outlook. I am still human and I will not be able to hold my tongue or accept everything without anger all the time. I sincerely don't want to hurt those I love and feel voicing my opinion should not hurt their feelings. But, maybe it is my delivery that needs work.. who knows. Today started somber after a disagreement that got out of control last night. I am sad at what happened but maintain I am being judged for having an emotional opinion. If it is my delivery because I snapped for snapping I am sorry not for the opinion. Or is it better to just not voice my opinions? That to me doesn't seem fair.. Pondering with a heavy heart.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have been working at a temp job last week and a half. They say it is possible it is a temp to perm situation. So far it has not been that busy so I have been a little bored. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Today I actually had some data entry stuff to keep me busy. But, up until today my blackberry and my friend Sarah have been keeping me amused during the down times. Today I also brought with me a newspaper and my journal as well. I am trying to make myself useful so that they decide to keep me perm when the time comes. This opportunity came just when I needed it.

I also have still been sending out my resume to a few listings. And I am also keeping myself considered for a job at my husbands company in a new location opening up. Trying to remain open, grateful and explore possibilities for the best fit financially and best for me...


Monday, April 5, 2010


Residents across Arizona said Sunday they felt the effects of the magnitude-7.2 earthquake that shook Baja California, Mexico. Arizonans from Phoenix to Yuma reported swayed buildings, rattled walls and sloshed swimming pools. The U.S. Geological Survey said no major damage was reported from the earthquake, centered 6.2 miles below the open desert about 45 miles southwest of Yuma...

I didn't feel this event from where I was in Scottsdale, AZ at relatives. Apparently part of Phoenix, AZ did...