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Friday, January 16, 2015

Just for Today!

Just for today..

It has taken me some years to realize a very easy concept.. To live in the moment. I should not worry about the what if's or the past.. What I can do is keep track of my responsibilities such as bills and making sure when I give my word I keep it. Beyond that the past is over I should not ponder there and the future is fluid and can change in a moment.

In the past I have stressed over how things were going to work out and to be honest in my current situation the stress has tried to live in my present. I finally had to sit back and logically go back to what I can control, me. So I have a budget, I track my bills, and I continue to look for work. It isn't magic. It isn't going to stop all the stress but I can look at things one at a time. I put my bills in a spread sheet with due dates. I have a budget and I try to keep to it the best I can...

My big hurdle right now since we relocated for my husbands job I am unemployed and looking for work. My income is needed for our monthly bills and our plans for the future. We are finally focused on our goals.

My husband know this move would be hard. I wasn't wanting to struggle but he had a long term goal and our happiness in his mind. I was very resistant because we had not struggled for a few years and it wasn't easy to know this wasn't going to go smooth. But, I have to admit it has been a long time since I left California and I always wanted to return. Waiting for the right time sometimes makes the dream a never reachable goal. My husband wanted a promotion and to prove himself.. This being his second promotion in 2014. He knew I longed for this place from my past and he wanted to give that to me. He asked me to trust him. So here I am back in California. This move was the hardest and most stressful move I think I have ever faced. I need a job to make this work.. But, I am taking this as it comes and trying to remain hopeful it will all work out.


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  1. Well you know you had one person read you today :)