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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome 2015..

So, 2015 new year, back in California, and I just turned 48

I would like to say I have mastered some kind of enlightenment. I do continue to grow and change and handle and look at things very differently. But, here is my truth. I am just getting better at being me and understanding myself. I like the beach. I have a husband. I am not that complicated. I am looking for work in my new location. We moved here to Menifee, CA because my husband Charles was promoted and relocated by his employer. This is his second promotion this year and I am very proud of him. But, this move was not easy. I felt rushed and frantic. We moved from a two bedroom to a one bedroom because we didn't have the money when we needed it to get the deal on the two bedroom.. It was very upsetting. Money is tight right now we have to wait to be reimbursed for the move. There was supposed to be an end of the year bonus that last year was dispersed at the end of December.. well we are still waiting for corporate... I am handling it.. But, we have worked very hard being responsible with our bills and money.. But, all these things are out of my control. 

This is what I can control how I react to what is going on in our lives. It is easy to look alright on the outside. But, I get so stressed. I forget that I cannot control it. But the truth I do not control any outside influence. 

In my honest opinion I secretly wish I could control anything. But, it is like making plans and watching the universe laugh at you and have things go in different directions. I am here still trying to make plans to make this year a great transformation for me, my husband, and change and improve our lives and reach our goals. It is our time to be more responsible, and do what we need to change our lives for the better. We are desperately trying to get to the point where we can buy a house.. It is buckle down time.. I think we can do it but this will be a challenge. This is an exciting thing to look forward to and once we get there we can say we made it. I will say my prayers and set things up the best I can and take things as they come.. Welcome 2015!!


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